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Style IV

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White (010)
Golden yellow (020)
Signal yellow (019)
Yellow (021)
Light yellow (022)
Brimstone yellow (025)
Dark red (030)
Red (031)
Light red (032)
Orange red (047)
Orange (034)
Light orange (036)
Pastel orange (035)
Eggplant (425)
Violet (040)
Lavender (043)
Lilac (042)
Pink (041)
Soft pink (045)
Light pink (426)
Carnation pink (429)
Dark blue (050)
King blue (049)
Brillant blue (086)
Traffic blue (057)
Gentian blue (051)
Gentian (098)
Azure blue (052)
Light blue (053)
Ice blue (056)
Powder blue (172)
Turquoise blue (066)
Turquoise (054)
Mint (055)
Dark green (060)
Green (061)
Light green (062)
Yellow green (064)
Lime-tree green (063)
Olive (493)
Key lime pie (495)
Nougat brown (800)
Nut brown (083)
Light brown (081)
Beige (082)
Cream (837)
Black (070)
Dark grey (073)
Storm grey (752)
Grey (071)
Middle grey (074)
Warm grey (751)
Light grey (072)
Silver grey (090)
Gold (091)
Copper (092)

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Number Range : 50-150

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Wall stickers are easy to attach and affixed to the wall can brighten the room and make it look different and fresher. We use only the highest quality materials from the German manufacturer, which are specifically designed for wall mounting. Our Limonca wall stickers provide a wonderful atmosphere in the space, they can also motivate and inspire. They can reflect different styles, brighten up any space and are completely customizable. You can choose from 56 different shades. 

The wall sticker are suitable for application on any smooth, flat surface. Each sticker is MADE IN SLOVENIA, FOR EACH CUSTOMER SPECIFICALLY.

If you do not find the design that you want in our wide range of labels, we will be glad to hear your home decor ideas and together we will create a unique story. With your inspiration and our expertise, we will help you personalize the space and and tailor it to you and your family lifestyle.


Installation requires:

  • Smooth, clean, fat-free surface
  • scissors,
  • card / trowel
  • crepe adhesive paper,
  • installation instructions that are included with each package are also posted on our website.


  • The color of the screen may vary due to different screen settings.
  • The image of the wall sticker in the room shown is symbolic.
  • It is not recommended to affix wall stickers to washable walls.
  • The clock mechanism is not included in the price.

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